Image from NAK Tac event November 2 nd 2018

NAKTAC event full video:
[attachment=1]NAKTac 110218 - Gunkilzi 405.jpg[/attachment]
Players L2R: Tarl Desnea TAT, Volcano, Snipsmagu, Rollacanda “Roll”, Lorenzo, white, Walker CJ, Castlewoods, Jim “john” Carter, Casper and VileAce is behind the camera

Superior Fire Team Citation: Snipsmagu, Volcano, Casper, Jim Carter, REAPER6 and Casltewoods

Achievement of Excellence Award: Volcano and White

Distinguished Performance Medal: Volcano and White

Squad lead: it was me Rollacanda woooooo

Zues: VileAce

Thank you all for joining, subscribing and playing!!!