Image from NAK Tac Special Open Event October 9th 2018

NAKTAC Special Open Event: Altis

Video of the Event:

Part 2:

Image of the ninjas
[attachment=1]NAK Open Special - 100918 - Altis - 405.jpg[/attachment]
Players L2R: Ulett, Shink1, Jwilly Smokers, casper, Eagle, Pfc Havok, Stale, WHITE, Freeway, HotRedSauce, Prometheus, articequine, cobra, adscott, GEAR JAMMER, 2nd LT Halken, Nooebo The Rugged, VileAce, Havy101, Casltewoods, Walker CJ, Luxster, FLOT Migam3r, LBJ, Carazy Mastiff, SubDoodles and Xerv