Inconsistency between forum and in game allowed mods.

Blastcore Murr Edition is allowed on the forum, not in game.

thank you for this report! the mod has been updated a couple of days ago. It is patched now and should be online on altis and all servers by the next server restart.

That’s great work! This should be an interesting add to the mods available for sure.

Blastcore Murr Edition is constantly being updated, which makes it a pain to load when playing on the server because every few days it needs to be re-validated. I know there probably isn’t a fix for this, but it would be nice if there was something to make it less of an issue.

there is, it is just a big project for us and we are still working on it as it will require us to rewrite a big part of our server code.
I understand your frustration with this matter as it requires us also to do the extra work And ask for your understanding and patience.

I appreciate your dedication as a volunteer to make a fix for this kind of issue. Thank you