Issue joining server after he did restart

So after the restart of the server when i joined i get banned due to batlleye, it says the way the server is setup i cant join the game, does anyone knows anything about it?

For some reasons, sometimes battleye messes up and the server must be restarted to sync with it again making you unable to play until then. However there is also a different but similar issue where it’s on your end and your computer must be restarted (probably a DNS flush issue or something on windows).

As for the “the server is setup in such a way etc.” means that you cannot immediately re-join after getting kicked off no matter which reason: there is a delay of 3-5 mins before you can re-join to avoid spamming JIP into the server. (ArmA language for spamming connections; every time a player joins a mission in progress it needs to communicate that between itself and the other players, causing latency and therefore lag so in order to avoid that there is a few minutes cooldown).

Other than that you should be good to login. (^_^)