Issues with TFAR and TS

We have have numerous reports of issue with TFAR, radios not working as players join, TS crashing altogether, etc. We are not the only one’s having these issues, the TS forums are full of bug reports. Until otherwise, for our TFAR servers, Zeus, NAK Tac and Lythium it is recommended that players use TS version 3.1.10. You can download that version here : 64 bit (most users)
or 32 bit

You are able to install the prior version over the 3.2.0 or 3.2.1 versions without having to uninstall first.

It is alway recommended to sync your TS profile with their servers , To do so go to Tool>Options>myTeamSpeak and make sure you have an account and the Synchronization is enabled. Next go to Tools>Identities and make sure the identity you are using is in the Synchronized Identities. If something goes wrong you will be able to recover your identity and all ranks and tags on the NAK TS server.

Thanks Vile.

Hopefully this helps with some of the issues. Followed the steps you outlined and installed 3.1.10 over my existing TS version with no loss of tags, etc.

if you use myTeamSpeak and make sure you save your login info and identity key you’ll never have that problem Castlewoods or at least thats the idea of using the cloud based TS profiles I believe