Just wanted to say Hi

Hey everyone Tagalong here, wanted to reach out to the community I’ve Been Away for a bit just getting situated in a new city 25MB max download so until that changes ill be away from Arma for some time or just playing at like 2 am when the rest of the city sleeps lol. I can honestly say I miss the community and thank you guys for the wonderful experience yall create. Catch you on the online :ugeek: friends.

Glad to hear you are ok buddy. take your time and make sure to join in whenever you can. would love to have you.

Can’t wait untill you get back, to start clearing those Secure Weather data’s with you!

Much Appreciated Volcano, Tesla. I look forward to catching up While Securing Weather Data and being a part of a Nak OP soon

Hey Welcome back!!! Nak Squad has missed you sir!!!

Lorenzo What’s up brother, ill be jumping on Tanoa so we can do work like last time lots of fun on these servers. :slight_smile: