KA Weapons Pack - Denied

Tony Villafuerte

Name of Mod
KA Weapons Pack

Link to mod. Prefer Steam Link, but any link is acceptable.

Reason to add or remove mod.
This is a long-shot for sure, but the ballistic shield in this pack would be great for the close quarters side missions, where ai with aimbot have a significant advantage. Missing a corner will still easily get you killed. More than anything, I was wondering if it was possible to isolate the shield from the rest of the (frankly absurd and rule-breaking) pack. Again, I realize this is a stretch, but insert generic saying about having to try and fail in life to succeed here. Regardless, thanks for reading, and cheers. -An overly optimistic Recite

Denied all KA mods are restricted on the server due to the propensity to make weapons OP. There is a mod already approved with a ballistic shield, though I can not remember which one. You might ask around.