Kick for going to main ao

Yeah so admin tells me not to go into the main ao… ok yeah kind of the point of the game, then kicks me before i even get there. I hadn’t even entered it… This seems extraordinarily childish. Reminds me of when my son is playing with his sisters and decides to run the game his way even though there are already set rules for the game…

We were doing a special event and had made numerous announcements. You had gotten close enough the the AI were reacting to you, therefore you were interfering with the mission, and ignoring the admin commands. NAK runs the servers and has special events from time to time. We offered all players other options, including playing the side AO or playing on one of our other 4 servers.

Kind of reminds me of my kids then they are told what to do and do not listen.

AHHHH ok that explains it then, and i did not see the announcements. I did see for zeus that evening something was going on but i thought that was a separate server.

Hey, I just wanted to apologize for how I reacted to that. Kind of went overboard there a little eh? lol