KJW's Two Primary Weapons

KJW’s Two Primary Weapons

LINK: Steam Workshop::KJW's Two Primary Weapons


Allows users to switch between weapons to fit certain situations. Can have a rifle while also having a shotgun for CQC. Can also have shield with an actual primary weapon. Player is still limited with inventory space so they will have to balance ammo, but at least this gives them more flexibility.

TLDR: allows more flexibility with player choice.

Hello WarlordSlay3r, here is the link to put in a mod request: https://www.naksquad.net/mods/mod-request/. Unfortunately, the mod you’ve requested has been restricted in the past due to being too overpowered, as determined by admin staff.

I think this mod was being requested for the modded zeus event…

It was explored for the modded events, as it needs to be a server-side mod, I don’t think being able to have both a sniper and a support weapon at the same time can be a bit overpowering for any ai based mission, thus it was decided that it would be to overpowered in general.

It would be extreamly overpowered in completely unfair to anyone trying to play with some sort of challenge just adding from my point of view as to why this would be a rough idea.

Understood. Just figured I’d bring it up since playing with shotguns in kinda crap and some primary weapons are more suited for secondary role, but seems like a decision has already been made prior.