Know its TAC tuesday so making a post for later. Stats problem

every stat is completely wrong and not even close.

70% of xp/rank and kills are missing. my own deaths were no where close to that. when it happened was $4k and I spent a bunch of it this morning intentionally and its right back up to 4k again upon logging in this evening :confused::

It was between 9:15pm and 10pm monday night 4/1 thought maybe part of april fools? but given its a day later not sure whats up

I’ll get together with you and come up with a solution. I did set up automatic database backup’s so it will not be an issue in the future. I still do not have any idea as to why it happened. I’ll forward the information to Claws to see if he can find what caused it in the first place.

if they cant be restored from a backup then just resetting them to 0 would be only other thing I’d suggest.