Laser Designated Targets (with names?)

Does anyone know of a mod to show the name of a player who is lazing a target? The name would have to be shown at the very end of the laze (on target). If you’ve seen the tag that is shown in Zeus mode that’s what I’m looking for. I think this may be useful for calling off false or incorrect lazes and to help better identify a single target with multiple lazes up. If you have any ideas or know any mods let’s see em, just don’t use them on our servers until they are officially approved.

thought it already does that I sworn Golden could see what lazes belonged to whom thought it was a staff thing built into the server. Try asking him?

Sycholic this is an option for admins, that’s probably why Golden was able to see the names (correct me if I’m wrong Golden).

I think this would be a positive if all players could see it somehow and we are able to implement this. I’ve been looking on Steam Workshop but haven’t come across anything close.

The only mod I am aware that has anything like this is ACE. They assign channels or identifiers to their laser designators, and pilots can ‘tune’ their weapons to a specific channel. Even though admins can see the names of the individuals using laser designators in some cases, many mods affect how this works and some mods do not even appear as a standard designator. This is one of the issues in allowing players to use a huge variety of mods.