Left shoulder Scripted Weapon Mod - Denied

Date 02/01/2020
Name Ghost Ghost
Server Invade_and_Annex
Type Add
Name of Mod Left shoulder Scripted Weapon Mod
Link to mod. Prefer Steam Link, but any link is acceptable. Steam Workshop::Left Shoulder Scripted Weapon
Reason to add or remove mod.
I’ve played arma for a few days now and have run into a lot of people (in the altis server mainly) telling me to use the berca backpack to carry a lot of equipment and an extra gun as well. The only problem I have run into with this feature is the weapon i leave in my backpack loses its attachments. This mod will allow you to carry a weapon on your shoulder and frees up space in the backpack for a medkit or more ammo for your second primary gun. Your second primary weapon will keep all of its attachments on it as well. Just a mod to make holding the second weapon easier. Thank you

Denied. It gives players who use it an unfair advantage over those without said mod.