Liberation Option

Hey all,

I wanted to bring up a topic that I personally love to do, which is Liberation! For those who are not aware of what Liberation is, a shortened explanation is that it is a persistent capture and defend mode, where you start in a corner of a map, with a wide range of locations that are AI controlled. The goal can be chosen from a variety of options, such as % controlled or something of that sort, but typically map domination is a good guideline. You have to start by creating an FOB, and gathering resources. These resources can be used to build new FOB’s, vehicles, or defenses. For the most part every city on a map contains an enemy location, and they give you a variety of rewards. These can unlock a variety of things, some locations give fuel, some give ammo, and some give supply, and capturing these allows you to create supply lines between your FOB and these new locations in order to gather resources. In addition some vehicles are locked behind controlling a certain location, for instance not having a Black Wasp unless you own a location. As you take more locations, the enemies become more aggressive, and will actually attempt to retake your bases, as well as attack your FOB’s on the map with all out assaults.

After doing a little searching through the forums it looks like there actually used to be a dedicated Lib server run by Nak, which appears to have been shut down right before I started playing here. I am interested in if there was any chance we could potentially bring that back in exchange of Tanoa possibly? Perhaps not entirely replace Tanoa, but maybe Monday-Thursday have Liberation up, and then Friday-Sunday Tanoa, or even having a shorter time frame for Liberation. I have heard many on team speak discussing looking for a more objective based gameplay, where there can be set goals and ideas in mind, and in my opinion liberation is a perfect fit here. There are many options available here, some of which are modded, others can be borderline vanilla, and can allow users a change of pace all within the Nak world. I could not find quite too much about why the Liberation server was discontinued, I presume that either the demand for Zeus was just higher, or the players had moved on from Liberation. From what I have seen there is a small group of players that do semi actively play on Tanoa, especially when Altis is full on weekends. However from what I have seen, and what I am proposing, running Liberation during weekdays should not create too big of a rift, while also offering a break from Altis, without necesitating a Zeus be present. From my eyes this could bolster the playerbase on Nak, as well as help to keep the community active giving them a 3rd way to engage with Nak itself, and just help to grow the community. Even if it is run as a short time event for a week a month of something of that nature, I personally think that the support could be there.

As always, I would love the opinion and feedback on the idea, to see if anyone else is interested in this option or if I am all alone.


I can say for sure that I would play Liberation again. I really enjoyed the liberation server.

I don’t really care for the Tanoa server in it’s current setup and haven’t actively played on it in some time.

Hi Alpha, we did try liberation in the past. It gained traction for a bit, but after 2 months it died down. We tried to revive it but it ended up in failure. The community is more used to a game mode that it’s just “Jump and Play” and for liberation, you need a lot of planning and good commanders, so it is a little bit to complicated.

I definitely agree that there is a much higher complexity towards liberation, and it might not match entirely with everyone, which is why I was just bringing it up as a potential rotation with Tanoa. At least in the way that I see it, it would not interrupt any players just wanting to jump and play, as Altis is still present, and it would also not interrupt zeus. In addition, running it only earlier in the week would prevent a disruption in Nak Ops participation, while also giving players an option for cooperation and collaboration throughout the week. I would definitely agree that trying to run solo on Liberation is much more difficult and could just result in higher aggression rates as a result, however, I would argue if there was enough interest from a number of players it could easily be organized to some extent. Obviously, I do not personally know how complicated it would be for the server to rotate from liberation to tanoa, but I really just bring this up as creating a secondary place to play for Nak players during the earlier parts of the week. I would imagine that there would be at least some initial interest, and if it was in a rotation with tanoa, I would think that interest could be persistent over time, and create some sort of manufactured “excitement” towards the liberation coming back up after the weekend. To me, liberation is not a 24/7 game mode, as it can become quite defeating over time, as you progress it becomes quite a battle of just taking and losing over and over again. But with a rotation of sorts, I believe that there would be persistent interest in the game mode.