Livonia Lighting Replacement - Approved

Date 09/14/2019
Name Hornet_221
Server All_Arma_Servers
Type Add
Name of Mod Livonia Lighting Replacement
Link to mod. Prefer Steam Link, but any link is acceptable. Steam Workshop::Livonia Lighting Replacement
Reason to add or remove mod.
Changes the lighting of all other maps to that of the new Livonia Terrain, better sunrise/sunset/ more atmospheric lighting.

EDIT - Later Approved
Denied until the author makes a couple of changes.
I sent the following note to the author
A couple of notes, this is a config change and only a config change so it is 100% client-side. A note to the author, I very much recommend that you change the name of the pbo. Using the name data_f_light.pbo could cause conflict with the default pbo. The config shows Tanoa is required for the mod to work, this can probably be removed as well. You will also want to change the main class from A3_Data_F_Light to a unique class name of your own. You are asking for issues. You may want to look at [Tutorial] Introduction to Modding in Arma Video/Text Tutorial Series - ARMA 3 - BI TOOLS - GENERAL - Bohemia Interactive Forums