Making some friends


I’m MrBlob, you potentially know me as Jake in-game. I’m writing this because I’ve realised that, even with around 130+ hours on NAK servers… No one knows who I am. I always pop in and see you lot even if you don’t notice me. I’m proud to be part of this community, but I feel like it would be nice to have some friends here, although we are all friends in my books. I enjoy chilling and playing I&A while listening to music, and I often join in on NAK Ops when I can and always try to team lead, less because I like to be in charge but more because I feel like I can help some people also become team leads by showing them that you can be as bad as me and still be allowed to, that and often no one else volunteers. I have recently discovered 3 friends that I play DCS with have Arma, one is a lot newer than the other two. I suggested that, to help them learn the game they should come on NAK I&A. It was a great idea because I was able to help them with keybindings and also practice skills such as communication all with a lower risk of being shot every time we spawn. So for that I thank you lot for the servers and community.
This message became more like a job application than I meant it to, but just wanted to give you guys some background. Hopefully I’ll see you on TeamSpeak and the NAK Servers.

Thanks for reading this, I couldn’t sleep so I decided to write this.


Hello Jake! glad to have you on our side!
I will try to play more with you when I see you in-game. Wish you all the best and I hope this post will help you chat with more players and have more fun!

Really appreciated you playing in the zeus today, Had alot of fun :slight_smile:

Thank’s for the word Volcano. I’ll see you ingame then :slight_smile:

Hey Jake, played with you today, look forward to next time!

You too man! :smiley: