Misconduct Report Regarding Crater

Offender’s Name: Crater

Description of the offense:

  • Continuous threats to ban people while providing no constructive means on correction
  • Abusing the position of admin to issue orders while not being in a position to give orders within an operation
  • Stepping around the rules of objectionable language while using that same objectionable language to ban people
  • Incredibly short temper
  • Any criticism is viewed harshly and players are nervous to speak up as he is in a administrator position and fear backlash

Server misconduct occurred on: All

Approximate time and date the offense occurred: Innumerous times, too many to list. Most recent incident occurred 06/25/2021 @ 10:30PM EST

Screenshot, recording or other evidence (if available*)

I’ve chatted with some individuals regarding run ins with Crater. I’ve received permission from all individuals involved to include their statements in this misconduct report so long as they remain anonymous. I thank them greatly for their courage to come forward with their experiences with Crater. While the number of individuals is presently small, I do hope to see others voice their opinion on Crater’s recent behavior. As an admin, he is a representative of the NAK community and NAK Command structure. As such, he needs to be someone that is cool headed and reminds players on the rules instead of outright threatening to ban or move immediately to ban. He’s alienated himself against some of the “veteran” members of the NAK Community as well as some of the newer players either just being introduced to NAK or ArmA as a whole. Just because he is an admin, does not mean that he should be above the law.

As a word of warning, these pictures do contain objectionable language and I’ve chosen not to censor it.

I plan to update this post in the future with more individuals that wish to voice their opinions on Crater. Those that wish to contact me with their own opinions are free to do so. I will abide by anonymity and will block out names and profile pictures to ensure there will be no trace back to those individuals.

I dont see anything wrong with a 7 day ban for what you said and in fact, i consider you lucky that it wasnt a longer ban for calling him names and arguing with an admin (which are BOTH clearly listed on the rules). If you have issues like this then the first thing you should do is report on the forums, not start name calling.

First of all, this is not solely about the ban I received. This is about the countless times Crater has misused his authority to issue orders while not being in a position of power and jumps immediately to banning people that make a valid argument over what should be done. My ban is an example of that. Crater assumed I wasn’t within a position to take commands from Command, when infact, I absolutely was. I was within my right as a 2IC and SL to move my squad on foot to the next objective. I asked people to come with me and nobody came, so he starts an argument with me over my positioning. He declares it as lone wolfing, when in reality, it does not remotely fit the definition of lone wolfing. This is something I have a HUGE problem with. The definition of lone wolfing among the server admins varies wildly. There are times when people are over a kilometer away from the rest of the squad, doing nothing productive and not a word is said. I was never more than 200m away from the rest of the squad, checking a road for IEDs while moving along the marked line and its suddenly declared as lone wolfing because I don’t have someone standing right next to me.

Secondly, I criticized Crater’s decision to question me and my positioning, to which he issues a ban threat. I then try to make a case for myself that I wasn’t lone wolfing and what I was actually doing, and he issues a threat that he’ll ban me for lone wolfing and arguing. Cody’s video backs up what I saying in my ban appeal that I was never more than 200m away from the rest of the squad and that I was absolutely within a position to take and issue commands from Command. I’m not the only person that has had issues with Crater’s short temper and constant ban threats. That’s why I’ve been reaching out to others as well as having people come to me about their experience with Crater. I agreed to keep everything anonymous as people are justifiably worried of any sort of repercussions. Crater does not have the best track record of being someone that can let things go and remain level headed. In the past couple of weeks, he’s threatened to ban me probably well over 20 times over small things such as swearing or straying just a little too far from the rest of the team. Moving to a better position to provide cover fire or just to avoid getting shot at is not lone wolfing, it is playing the game as it was intended to. People are afraid to call him out on it as they don’t want to be banned, but I have no issue calling someone out on something, regardless of any threats they make against me. At the end of the day, this is a video game and people are here to relax and take a breather. To have someone micromanaging you while not even in a position to be doing that is misuse of his authority. If he wants to do that, he needs to volunteer as a Squad Leader or a 2IC, and he was neither. He also frequently uses objectionable language directed towards the game and other people, yet when other people use that exact same language, suddenly its an issue and he starts to issue ban threats. Other admins have been more lenient, offering warns in a less aggressive manor, stating that the offender needs to “watch their language” but Crater will jump immediately to issuing ban threats, which only irritates people. He serves more of an instigator, getting people annoyed at the constant threats and poor tone and demeanor, more than he does an appropriate admin.

Okay, let me go ahead and get this back to where it needs to be before it gets derailed.

Only Chiefs of Staff should post here from this point on. This should have nothing to do with your ban as there is a separate forum post for this already and I think enough has been said between the two posts already.

This is a misconduct report against Crater’s administrative actions. This will be handled by copout and claws. This is not supposed to be an open discussion as it will be investigated by Chiefs of Staff from this point forward.

These are the guidelines set forth by VileAce and other Chiefs of Staff. Misconduct reports aren’t meant to be open as it’s just going to turn into an argument. Please wait for copout to weigh in.

This is under review.