Mission Changes 5/9/19

****NAK Mission Update
We have just released a new mission update on our Altis server with a ton of new features. One significant change is a new vehicle spawn system.
Each spawn area will be marked with a wooden sign which represents a vehicle that is able to be spawned. There can only be one vehicle spawned from each sign at any one time and only one vehicle type to choose from at each sign.

How does it work?

As you walk up to one of these signs, a vehicle image appears there will be an option that will say “Hold (action key) to deploy vehicle”.

If you walk up to a wooden sign and the color is red. This means that the vehicle is in use.

If the sign is green, an option will appear saying “Hold (action key) to check vehicle time”. A notification will come up on the top right of your screen and will say when the vehicle will spawn. *Note that the timer will be calculated in as Arma time.

If a vehicle has been spawned and does not move from the spawn location, it will despawn after a short period of time. These changes have been made to improve FPS performs and stop enemies destroying assets while not in use.

Spawn areas (Rotary, Fixed Wing, Vehicles) will remain the same but with some additional vehicles added. The images below show the vehicle locations and spawn points.

Fixed Wing Vehicles


Rotary Vehicle Locations


Infantry Spawn Vehicle Locations


Terminal Vehicle Locations


Carrier Vehicle Locations

Along with the new vehicle spawn, we have also added 3 new boat areas. (Cape Boats HQ, Atsalis Boats HQ, and Fournos Boats HQ). which have also received new watercraft including SDV’s to all boat areas.
New main and side missions have been added specifically water missions.
We have also added new yellow skins to the Bobcats and Hemtts that must remain at base.

love this update to the server… but as i had it my self, some others also had the thing where we had to ask around and search for the boards to spawn what we wanted. isn’t there a way to make the boards not so much away from each other so its like going for shopping in one place and the vehicle can spawn where ever they have to spawn?

They are adding a map with vehicle and aircraft location info. Vile might have already added it. Should be in the scroll menu in map screen.

There are links about that show each vehicle spawn. But even so you will still have to run to get the vehicle that u have just spawned?

i guess, no matter how it will be done, it will still be a new thing and the community will still have to learn how to use it.
the only thing we can do is give it time to see i guess.
as long as it helps the server, thanks for doing it

Thank you for this. Added to Changelog.