Mission File Problem

In-Game Name: llior
Steam Profile Name: pcturnoff
In-Game Message: You were kicked off the game: Query Timeout
No Admin name listed
Explanation: I keep receiving the mission file whenever I try and enter the server, even though I’ve done it multiple times. It takes me a bunch of time to receive it all. About 8000KB before I receive it all, it says the message, I’ve tried numerous times but it won’t let it finish.

You have not been banned. This is the wrong forum. Your topic has been moved from Ban Appeal to General Server Feedback.

Delete your MPMissionsCache to do so:

Open File Explorer
In the address bar type: %LocalAppdata%\Arma 3\MPMissionsCache
delete all the files in that folder and type again

If that does not work, try connecting with no units selected in the launcher or in game. Units in the launcher are selected on the dashboard tab. In game they are selected in your player profile.

If that does not work you may need to open ports in your firewall.