Mission (I&A) recommendation

  • We have to find and interrogate the scientist at the main AO.
    He is just standing still in the middle of nowhere, so maybe you should build a small FOB around him with guards, stationary weapons, etc. or something like that.

  • Could you mark the vehicle spawns with the name of the vehicles on the map? It would be very useful.


Support. I find it awkward how the scientist is just standing unguarded in the middle of a field. Shouldn’t he be in a lab or a fortified building surrounded by hostiles?

You have to understand how the mission is written. Each one of the purple circles on the image is a potential AO location.

In each of those locations, the mission is dynamically generated. And for all of our servers, 95% of the same code is used to make the missions. We could add more items dynamically (such as buildings), but the code available to check for flat spaces to place the buildings is not great. In some locations, the building location might not be totally flat, which leads to doors that can not be reached. You will notice that at some of the AO’s the diffuse the bomb mission is on a road, this is due to the dynamically placed objects and the script being used to look for flat ground.

We could go back to manually building each AO location, but the amount of time that takes is huge. We would spend all of our time making missions and would have no time to add new features.

what about using the building garrison search function for the scientist? its already used for AI garrisoning correct? you could use the results of where AI get garrisoned at then just pick a random building maybe then place him there? Dont think there is a single AO that doesnt have at least 1 garrisoned AI in it.

We try to keep the scientist “near” the bomb mission, but this is a good idea if we do not care where in the AO he is located. There may be some AO’s on Tanoa and even Malden that have no buildings, but we could do a check, if there is a building then garrison otherwise place in the open. (simplified “code”)

Ok, i got the random spawn part.
That garrison thing sounds good!

Could you mark the vehicle spawns with the name of the vehicles on the map? It would be very useful.

There is no way to size text on the map, it would take too much space. We are looking into alternatives. Until then you can use this post, https://www.naksquad.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1478

does the mission require the DB for the signs to work or can I load it up in the editor? got an idea for that.

as for the scientist honestly I thought he was randomly placed as is. Ive seen him totally on the opposite side from the bomb. Also what about maybe updating the mission task to include the bomb disarm code/procedure when its found? we also need a penalty for failing it. been seeing as of late a lot of people just trying to disarm it without even solving the scientist. that or any mission fail. like a score penalty?

The server has a server-side mod with a lot of the mission information. This is how we prevent other groups from “borrowing” our code. I have not recently looked to see what is separated out. I will talk to Claws and the other admins to see if garrisoning the scientist is something we want to do. If it is we can add it to the to-do list.

To answer your question, the signs do not rely on the DB.

How about an artillery barrage on the bomb location for failing. LOL

well it blows up when you fail it. maybe take the delay out of it completely and make it instant. seen people just run up to it fail then run away without any repercussions. my idea was to get all the vehicles out. then take a top down photo of them then you can include the image on a signboard where the teleport takes you maybe? at least thats what I was thinking instead of markers just have a IG image of all the vehicles and where they spawn kinda like a mall directory signboard?

That you can do, each sign will have an init, with the vehicle information. I have images with vehicles names at each location, but a billboard would not give me a readable image, without making the image file size huge. What I would like to do is use the strategic map function and add vehicle names directly on the strategic map. You can also add images on a strategic map so I would add the images as well. I just have not had the time to do it yet.


thought the issue with putting names on the map was scaling and readablity? why I was thinking like how you got the big nak ruleboards just have a top down image of like the parking lot with everyone showing physically for the photo. there a difference in the strategic map and the normal one?

Yeah, a strategic map is different, similar to the map used to teleport between sites, and you can have multiple strategic maps. If I make images for the billboards and make them high enough resolution to read clearly, it more than doubles the size of the mission file. If I use a strategic map, the size difference is minor.

yeah I wasnt sure how bad in terms of size it would be. so do you need to config the map cuz I never seen nor accessed it before.

Yes, a strategic map would need to be configured then an action created so that it could be opened.