Missions in Slums

A few days ago I featured the vanilla (don’t quote me on that) composition shanty town in one of my missions, it is a very well made composition but it is very small and very detailed. Wanting to explore the slum environment on arma I started a little bit of a mind trip.

The very first thing that I did was a “clean up of Shanty town” removing some of the details and fences so it can be copy and pasted many times. The clean up took 2 steps that can be checked below.

step 1

step 2

With the block of the latter picture I put together a simple mission for some 4 players, Noahd zeused with me and the players, after the mission I reached out the conclusion that the basic slum block was good and took on the task of building a general layout with said blocks, the result is in the picture below.

Upon conclusion of that layout I took a brake to watch a terrible movie (District 9), due to the poor quality of the movie I alt-tabed back to arma and, thanks to sleep depravation, slapped a wall around my basic layout, somewhere in between, can not recall when, had a very productive talk with Moon (the Admin, not the rock) about props and buildings to add on the layout. You can check out the results in the pictures below (I call it district 49 cuz I am very creative).

wall for the composition

composition with walls and added props

Very excited to show my creation to everyone I made the fatal mistake of sharing it with Captain Spencer, he reached the conclusion that the buildings were too far apart and the layout was not reflecting the claustrophobic feeling of being in a true favela. So once again to the Editor I went, these are the results so far (I call this Ximiropolis).

Hope that I can use these compositions soon and really want that you guys have as much fun playing in such environments as I had building them

PS: I am aware that this post made very little sense.

The final composition looks awesome. You could do some great missions with it, and I hope I get to play one sometime.

I’m sorry that the movie was a failure, although I think that you’ve messed up a bit. I’m pretty sure that having a chat with the rock would’ve been more productive than with @Moon. (This is obviously a joke, I love you @Moon.)

Looks amazing, although by now I’m questioning your mental health, 6 hours of work is a lot!

Don’t you worry, we’re used to you not making too much sense anyway. (I’m joking, I love you as much as I love @Moon.)

On a serious note though, a great job it looks amazing and I hope that it will be as immersive as I think it will whenever you do manage to set up a mission with that composition. Two words from me, well done!

I go to sleep after running the mission with you and wake up to this :astonished:.

  1. Looks awesome
  2. Go to sleep!

looks really cool. if you have a version where you think its really good, you can send it to me and we might end up adding it to the server somewhere :wink: keep it up