mod makin my game lag

hey michael

server affecting me
altis and tanoa
mods im talking here is
UnderSiege Patches & Insignias

so when i log in with that mod in my mods list at first everything is fine but when i jump in and i wanna open the group management screen my game decides to then drop to 5 fps so when i tested what mods it is and i unloaded
UnderSiege Patches & Insignias
it did not give me the lag what so ever

can you pleas check this for me pleas
Thank youuuu
charlie out

If you narrowed it to this specific mod, it makes sense that when you open the Group menu your game starts lagging. Those mods run client-side and more specific they add new patches and insignias to the arsenal and groups. You might see different than vanilla patches in the Group menu, if they are a lot of groups the menu will try to display and calculate all the patches in the mod. (Like when you open the arsenal and it takes time). This is caused due to poor optimization of the mod, and/or other mods also have their own insignias and patches and are stacking up (CUP, RHS, NIArms, etc.) if you take all these mods and combine them you are stressing your computer. In the end, (again) this happens due to poor mod optimization or not having enough processing power from your computer.