Modded Events - 4 days a month?

There are a lot of people that come and join our Zeus server and ask about mods.
Some of them expect or want a mods list, some don’t.
Veteran players want the more immersive content offered with required mods, while gaining new players is difficult with the higher bar of entry.

What I am hoping for is a compromise. What if we run a Modded event for 4 days a month across (Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday) every month. So once every 4-5 weeks as a community we can collectively experience the more ‘advanced content’. By this I mean TFAR, ACE, RHS / CUP. Mods that vastly improve the experience of Arma 3 at the cost of a higher barrier of entry. If we reduce the time we have this on the server to less than a 1/7th of its total up time we can bring in new players with relative ease while giving existing players something to look forwards to.

Here is a quick poll so that we may see how many are for/ against the idea.