Moderator Application Information

Thank you for showing interest in becoming a NAKSquad Moderator. To start, check the requirements below. Then, use the format provided when clicking “New Topic” to answer all required questions.


  • Must be respectful, trustworthy, fair, humble, impartial, diligent, conscientious, ethical, dignified, disciplined, and prudent.
  • Active participation in the NAK Squad community for the last 90 days.
  • Must be 18, unless otherwise proven competent and reliable.
  • No kicks on NAK Squad servers within 90 days.
  • Must have TS3 with a working mic and audio.
  • Must have at least 160 hours on NAK servers.
  • No serious bans on NAK Squad servers.
  • Must have NAK Elite.
  • Must Speak English.

Both players and Admins are welcome to reply to Admin Applications, but player approval alone will not get an application accepted.

When replying to an admin application, it is preferred that you reply with a +1 (with one sentence as to why) if you recommend or -1 (with one sentence as to why) if you do not recommend. Only NAK Staff are allowed to comment on activity, bans, and amount of hours of the applicant. If you have no opinion, either way, it is preferred not to add a comment at all. These comments are for the admins making the decision, not the player.