Modified - Ban Appeal: ScairyFairy

  1. ScairyFairy
  2. Steam Community :: SCAIRY
  3. kicked (Rule #1 Racism. - Permanent ban. Entered by G0lden.)
    4.02/02/2018 12:56 PM - Rule #1 Racism. - Permanent ban. Entered by G0lden. NAK Altis server
  4. This language is common talk where I am from and I did not at all mean offense to anyone. I fully apologize for this misconduct and I hope I can regain favor enough to return to playing on the NAK servers.

Typically we have a zero tolerance policy on racism. Racial terms are unacceptable regardless of where you come from. You need to remember that you are a guest on NAK servers. If you go into a new job with new coworkers and start talking like that then you’re not going to be in that job long. Even if it’s in a joking manner you cannot use racial slurs. It reflects badly on you and it reflects badly on us if we allow that to happen.

That being said.

I will reduce your ban length to 2 weeks which makes your ban expiration 02/16/2018 1:56 PM EST (tomorrow).
You have a good track record and I believe that you will adhere to the server rules if I let you back in. This is my decision however, as it is a very serious offense I will have to concede to my superiors if they choose to override it. I believe you deserve a second chance since you have been with us for a bit and have had no prior issues and appear to be an asset to the server. Just bear in mind that getting a third chance is going to be much harder so just play like you are a guest. Have fun and keep it clean.

Thank you for your time and understanding G0lden.
I’ll be sure to keep it clean in-game. My apologies again for any offense. I really enjoy the NAK server community and look to continue being part of it.