Modifying Rule #2

Current Rule #2 States, (According to
RULE #2) Impersonating an admin.
1st Offense: Permanent ban.

Definition: Impersonating on admin involves but is not limited to: Telling people you are a server admin, threatening to ban someone, copying an admin name, or making fake NAK Command tags.

This suggestion comes from my personal experience in regard with this topic. I would love to provide logs of the incident, but sadly most of the chatter was on a voice base, in TS3. (This is not a complain against admins actions, which were just a mere verbal warning)

So according to the rules present in similar forms both in-game and forums Rule #2 states directly a disclaimer of “Not limited to” and that is a valid point, as you can’t include all of the possible outcomes, but also doesn’t mention anything of what I’ve been told during that voice chatter with two of the admins. (If needed, can provide both names as I once again do not believe that their actions were inappropriate.)

During that chatter I discovered that it is against the rules, according to one of the admins to state the punishment which someone will receive for infringing the rules. I unfortunately am not able to quote a word on word transcription as this is all made from memory but it was somewhere along the lines of “You should never tell a punishment which will be applicable to the player even if you know it, as it might put up conflict between players”

It is a very valid point, but I fail to see any mention of it elsewhere but that private chat upheld by one of those two admins.

It should be also noted that I did not get any punishment in regards to such an infringement more then just a few words of warning.

I do believe that such information is quite relevant and should appear on the rule book, at least as a minor addition.

Stating a punishment can be considered a threat, and therefore can be interpreted as impersonating an admin, as only the admins can determine punishment levels. This issue often comes up in regard to pilots, not in TeamSpeak. It is recommended that if there is a pilot not in TeamSpeak, inform them of the server rule once (All pilots are required to be on TeamSpeak), then if they do not comply contact an admin to handle the situation. We often get complaints from players, that the other pilots are harassing them, or threatening them if they do not comply with the rule. I have seen one NAK Elite receive 8 messages from other pilots to join TeamSpeak. This is an extreme example ( but you can see that players can get out of hand. This particular rule tends to cause even more strife than even racism.

I searched back in the chat logs and can not find the statement that triggered the discussion, but if I remember correctly it was something like (“PLAYERSNAME pilots must be in TeamSpeak or you may be kicked”). The warning was stated in such a way to be informative rather than threatening, hence the conversation with the player and the warning that stating punishments could cause an issue. I did change the wording of the rule to include “threatening a particular punishment (kick/ban)”.

I do not want to discourage you from trying to help other players, as going back through your chat log, I have seen many instances where you were very helpful to other players. We just do not want to cause strife and division amongst players over the enforcement of the rules.

On Tanoa instead of speaking directly to players I just put this on the map “Remember: to fly anything, you have to be in Teamspeak” pretty sure that’s ok. Just a reminder of the rules and since it’s visible to all no one takes it personally.

When it comes to that exact situation, I am also unable to quote the exact words which I used, but it was along the line of “X, Keep in mind that if you’re not in Teamspeak you will get kicked” so under no circumstance I denied it. I do understand the reasoning between such a rule and did mention my opinion in regards that rule in the initial topic, where I stated:

The only reason I created this post is to improve the rulebook itself, just so other players are aware of it, and this post should not be treated as either hostile, or annoyed, it’s just an attempt to improve this place which I plan on staying for a while.

This was the initial intention, and I appreciate the quick feedback and reaction to it.

Once again, I was not indending to make this as a complain, I was intending this post to improve small details which can be easily tweaked.

Yeah, it sounds reasonable and I appreciate the feedback, under no circumstance I was doubting the judgement behind the conversation I’ve had with those two admins, I just felt that it’s a thing that should be publically stated.