Modifying RULE #9

Currently rule #9 states: (According to
RULE #9) Playing as infantry while in pilot slot.

1st Offense: Written warning.

2nd Offense: Kick from server.

3rd Offense: 3 day ban.

Definition: There are a limited number of pilot positions. It is expected that individuals in any of those roles (Vortex Pilot and UAV) to be in the air. Pilots can not fight on the ground. Pilots that are shot down should respawn to and return to piloting.

I noticed that many pilots (And myself) have many times requested an extraction (By friendly helicopter pilots) whenever we were shot down for whatever reason and ended up stranded near enemy territory and so on. I do believe that such interaction should be allowed, and even though there would be an occupied slot that’s not “At all times” flying, it would also give an option for more “immersive” players to enjoy the gameplay.

I believe the rule should be modified with something along the lines of : “Pilots that are shot down should respawn or request an extraction that wouldn’t take more then X minutes and return to piloting as soon as possible”

I recall Vileace posting somewhere that the time should be no more than 2-3 minutes.

EDIT: 2-3 minutes plus travel time it is. Here is the complete expansion of Vilace upon the issue:

The general rule is as started and posted in the forums.

It is the responsibility of the pilot to make every effort to return to the air. If an evac is not available in a reasonable time (2 - 3 min plus travel time), then the pilot needs to respawn. This time limit may even be shorter when the server is full. It is recommended that when you are shot down you place a map marker (the pickup marker is a good one) on the map. It is normal practice for the pilot to stay near their wreck and only defend themselves while waiting for an evac. Any more than defending yourself begins to cross into playing as infantry.

We can not add every condition to rules so we offer clarifications in the forums. Bottom line it is up to the admin online to choose how this rule needs to be enforced.

Well, I guess it is true after all, the last word will always be after the admin, thanks for the quick response, and thanks Wave for the feedback.