Mods for knots?

Anyone know of any mods that give you knots/nm instead of metric or imperial readings? Surprised kimis hud doesnt

According to the description of the mod on Steam Workshop…

Both metric and nautical units variants are included.


You can swap between units systems with user actions.

If the nautical units are not available, I would be more than happy to help you or anyone else interested in modifying the mod to add knots, as well add back the GUI elements such as airframe damage and fuel status that were removed. The removed GUI elements have been requested a few times or mentioned few times in TeamSpeak wishing that that feature had not been removed.

The process of adding nautical units to HMDs MOD would be a relatively easy process and it would be a good beginner project for anyone interested in nodding.

Ive used it but unless I’m missing something it only gives me mph/miles or knots/nm.

I’ve always had an interest in doing it =D but I havent had anyone to guide me yet with parts I dont understand, so I’d definitely be interested. And possibly add a tailhook keybind :smirk:. Nak HMDS here I come.

If I was an absolute boss at it I’d try modeling this but that’s light years away lol

We can meet in TeamSpeak and I can do a TeamViewer presentation so anyone that would like to learn some basic modding could follow along.

I am guessing that we would need about 3 hours to have a finished mod with enough time for questions and testing.

We would cover:

  • Installation of Arma Tools
  • Installation of Mikero Tools/Utilities
  • Installation or PBO manager
  • Mod unpacking
  • Exploration of Kimi’s HUD
  • Review and modification of config files
  • Review and modification of UI
  • Mod packing
  • Mod - local testing
  • Signature File Creation (DSSignFile/DSCreateKey)
  • Steam Mod Publication

I may be on TeamSpeak later tonight, otherwise, we can speak sometime in the next couple of day and find a time in which we are both available for a 3-hour “training”. Once we have a date and time chosen, we can post the information, so that anyone that would like to learn some modding basics can join us.

I would be very interested in joining on this if I’m allowed.

Just got home, might need a little nap but tonight should work

Yeah, am going to be at work till 2 or 3 am tonight. I was trying to say we could catch up tonight or tomorrow and pick a time, not actually do it tonight. I would like to give other players a day or two notice so that they could attend as well.

I’m thinking Friday , Saturday or Sunday this week. If there is a good time on one of those days let me know.

I have to work friday n saturday nights but sunday works for me

Okay, so unless I hear otherwise, we will tentatively schedule the “basic modding gathering” for Sunday at 4:00 pm Eastern Time.

We will meet in TeamSpeak and use TeamViewer in presentation mode, so the attendees will be able to see my screen.

You can download TeamViewer, but you may want to wait to do the installation. I normally recommend that users use the “One-Time” install so that TeamViewer is removed after the session to minimize any security risks.

sounds good cant wait

anything you recommend we need before hand, i have VS, VSC, and Blender

You might be surprised how easy it is to make/edit a mod. We will be installing a few tools, but they are all free and readily available. I want to make sure to cover the tools so if anyone else attends we will all be at the same point.

Actually you may want to have NotePad ++ installed, it is my recommended text editor for Arma. You can use Visual Studio Code but I prefer NotePad ++. I have a language definition for Arma for NotePad ++, which makes it easier to read the code. There may be an Arma language definition for VSC, but I’m unsure. Claws prefers VSC, I like NotePad++.

And here I read the title to the post and wondered why anyone would want a knot mod for Arma lol

While doing some research for this weekend I found this. Does this help at all.

Also if you could list specifically the changes you would like to see to Kimi’s HUD that would help.

I did find out during test that kimi’s mod imperial setting does display knots.

				class Airspeed_Imperial
					sourceScale=1.94384; // knots default speed in arma is m/s multiple that by 1.943844 to get knots.  I did mease time to go 1 KM @ 60 knots and it took 60 seconds

				class Airspeed_Metric
					sourceScale=3.6; // kph default speed in arma is m/s multiple that by 3.6 to get kph

I wanna try to make it for jets though, kimis doesnt support it other than the warthog I think. I have a few ideas about some functionality of of the helmet/hud, but mainly making a hud for helicopter and jets with the idea of the f35 helmet. In a sense it’s probably more like just upgrading the black wasp hud. Adding a extra altitude box thats in feet next to meters is another. Once I get the hang of it I’ll play around with some of the more complex ideas.
Cleaning up the actions in scrollwheel is a big one on my list, instead of having like 9 options to click from I wanted to try and get it to like 3 scroll options but make them toggle. And possibly add some key binds that Kimis took out and add some new ones like tailhook if possible.

Well that helps, I can tell you by the end of the tutorial/discussion you will not have a full working version but we can disect kimi’s hud mod so that you have a comnplete understaning of it. That way you can hopefully make all the changes you want.

Sweet, that’s the main thing

I am sorry guys, I feel asleep and missed the scheduled time. I’m getting old and the late nights catch up. We will have to reschedule, at your earliest convenience. Let me know when the next time that works for you and I will make sure to be there, on time.

Any time after 7pm est Monday-Thursday this week works for me, or we can just aim for sunday again at 4

i dont mind today at 7pm EST!