mods none existance

dear admins

in the approved mods list there are a couple off mods that dont work or is none existance
for example nak special pistols is does not exist anymore
and the samurai edge pistols does not woek for me
idk if its client side but can you check the mods out pleas

charlie out

At risk of this post being removed, as other posts stating truths here in this forum have suffered as fate, I’ll say it anyway…

The entire approved mods list, web page for them, and the way they have been handled for a while now, should be an absolute embarrassment for NAK.

The page used to be easy to see what was new, you could actually search for approved mods by date, with a slider gauge, that changed. Now you basically have to search the entire list, and hope to remember what you had, and what is new. Filtering by new mods now, you have about 30 seconds to ponder that list, and it resets and leaves your browser showing no “new” mods, unacceptable.

The way the server searches for approved mods when you join the NAK server(Altis at least) was changed, to a state where it shows no rhyme or reason to the laymen at least. Mods that are now approved sometimes do not prohibit joining, other mods that are approved do. It usually takes a day at least to re-approve a mod for play after the author has updated it, understandable, but it shouldn’t take more than one server reset should it? And that’s assuming it doesn’t have to be mentioned to an admin that it has been “forgotten” for several days/server resets.

I don’t mean to dirt on the guy in charge of this now, because every admin I have talked to about anything, especially Michael Patriot, has been helpful when not handcuffed by rules, regs, and higher ups…

I am going to assume that it needs more time spent on it, a server with this many mods would be challenging I’m sure, so maybe the guy in charge could use some help?

I’m not trying to be cynical, negative, annoying or overly critical, just trying to understand, and maybe help make things better than they are at present.


Even to test out the list of approved mods the other week, I added all approved mods onto a preset list on the ArmA 3 launcher and attempted to launch said list while joining the NAK servers. For the most part, a decent number of mods are no longer approved and will flat out get you auto kicked off of the servers. If it is a matter of resources and availability for folks to clean up the list, I don’t mind testing out all of the mods that work or no longer work and filling out a doc to help out.

Charlie: NAK Special Pistols has indeed been removed, I’ve removed it from the list, will test the other mod right after this post and let you know. NAK Special Pistols was removed from the Steam Workshop, as well.

Relic: The Filter New Mods button isn’t working for me either, we’ll look into it. Altis has 4 server restarts a day. I’m always up for the 9 PM EST and 3 AM EST restarts and almost up until the 9 AM EST restart. I’m now in charge of updating the mod filter and am active daily and that’s new so updates should be more frequent now. We will also be switching to a mod class name filter instead of a patch class name filter, which will help tremendously, as very seldom does the mod author update the mod class name. All this should add up to fewer discrepancies between the Approved Mod list and the mod filter.

BigMacNally: If you test a mod and it comes back as unapproved, even if it’s on the list, please submit a Mod Request: and under type put Update. I will update the mod as soon as I can, within 24hrs, usually sooner.

First and foremost, thank you for expressing your concerns on the forums, this is the feedback we want from the community so we can grow, learn and fix our problems. Now, going back into the mod topic. Some of you might know a few admins have left in the past year or so that were in charge of mod filter and approving stuff. Before Michael took the task it was even worse, mods would sit there for maybe months without being approved and only critical mods were getting updated. Currently, we are in a process of reorganization and prioritization so we are slowly trying to get back on our feet in certain areas, mods management is one of them. In fact, we are looking into completely remaking how the mod filter works in the servers so mistakes like these will be minimized in the future. Now I need you to bear with us a little bit more, I know it’s been frustrating for the past year but now we are working on it. Again thank you for expressing your concerns and if you see a broken mod or feature please report it here on the website.

Charlie, I found the issue with [RH] Samurai Edge it has a hidden dependency which you can only get through Armaholic, which was shut down last year. I’m sorry for the inconvenience but it won’t work without the dependency and you can no longer retrieve the dependency so I’ll remove it from the approved mods.

thank you guys for showing up and explaining everything i … i mean we will wait and be patient for all the following points in your agenda if you need help then feel free to ask everyone of us we are 1 united family we get trough this together

charlie out