Mods not working/not allowed

Date: 4/12/2023
In-game name: Big-Boss
Server involved (Altis): Altis
Report description: mods not working that are on the list
Steps to reproduce: download the mods install the other mods that are needed to run AWC ARMS and AWC arms extended and uas: extra ammo ,and universal ammunition system.
they are on listed on the mod list but do not seem to work on altis i don’t know if they are supposed to be allowed or if this is a bug, but i would like to bring this to your attention.

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At your service!

The mod may have been updated. I’ll let the proper admin know.

Unfourtantly, It looks like AWC ARMS was removed from the steam workshop. which could cause other mods that use it, to break and stop working on the altis server.