A couple players were having issues with the no recoil, no sway mods, where they would not work unless you respawned, so I made my own version that you are all welcome to use.

Removes all weapon recoil and sway. Does not require you to respawn for it to begin working. If you find any bugs, report them on our website: this is a client side mod and requires no modification to the server. Works SP, MP and dedicated server.

Another Mod from another forum in NAK

Do to the interest in being able to disable the HUD, and there being no way to misuse the feature on the NAK servers, I have mode a mod and published it to the Steam Workshop.

The mod will remove all HUD items including; hud, info, radar, compass, direction, menu, group, cursors and panels. To toggle the HUD display press “O” (default for watch). This is a client side mod and does not require anything on the server side. At this time the keybinding is hardcoded.

This mod will not remove the chat area. To hide the chat go to Configure>Game>Stream Friendly UI - set to enabled. You may need to restart Arma to disable it again.

Make sure that if you use ShackTac that you either disable the mod or go into Configure Addons and hide the Names and HUD.