Would be great if people hosting zeus lobbys could show the pilots some love. Even infill and or exfill 9/10 times the heli is either shot down /no infill /no exfill mission is ended as heli is leaving mission area. I think that since most people join the teamspeak server through being a pilot would be a good idea to include these roles ??? :confused:

Zeus is about a group activity. If you can create meaningful things for a pilot to do while also keeping the other players busy than sure, but if you are just going to shoehorn in something for the pilot to do at the expense of other players’ experience then I don’t think that is the best idea.

With the zeus already having a semi-hard time limit to play against, wasting 10 minutes on either end of a mission for an insertion/exertion flight just seems like wasted time.

CAS roles are good, but the pilots may complain about being on “standby” for extended periods of time. being in a lobby for an hour for a single or handful of strike runs isn’t everyone’s idea of fun.

CAP is just giving a pilot something to do while the other players do their thing. its hard to tie those two together and keep it all coherent for a zeus. again, activity for one or two players at the expense of the overall mission experience.

its also a bit of my opinion that zeus is the one place where the focus is 100% on the experience of the infantry units. The altis server is heavily geared towards the experience of pilots and somewhat less armor because pilots are given so little restrictions and don’t need to wait or even really cooperate with ground forces in any meaningful manner.

As someone who almost exclusively plays infantry, my favorite zeus run missions are the ones where we are inserted, repositioned, reinserted and extracted by vehicle.

Enjoyment of these missions doesn’t come exclusively from how many OPFOR you shoot. The details matter when it comes to immersive entertainment and any pilot who is willing to wait (waiting is not something only pilots do) for his moment to shine only makes the moment much brighter for everyone involved.

These are absolutely group activities and the pilot’s enjoyment doesn’t come at the expense of ground… it enhances it.

Just my opinion, I’m sure there’s plenty of others, would love to hear them.

thank you for the advise me and other zeusers will surely think about this as for now i am in the mids of planning a mission but i need at least like 10 or so men todo it what it is i cant yet say but there is pilots involved as well


Oh, I wanted to mention that everything Archer said is perfectly valid. Too much focus on any one thing will harm the experience for the others, so if adding a pilot role into a mission is just thrown in there to appease someone, or if an enormous amount of effort is spent on it at the expense of the bulk concent, it could harm the overall experience for everyone.

Just in case anyone thought mission design was easy :wink:

I have nearly zero ability to handle eden/zeus but a long lifetime of designing and troubleshooting complex things™. I don’t envy the work that goes into making a good mission enjoyable for all and I hope all the zeus’s out there feel much appreciated.

I look forward to what comes next…