Mrsuper Admin Application

  1. Steam ID or Profile Link: Steam Community :: Mrsuper
  2. Age: 22
  3. Hours played on NAK servers.: 1000+
  4. Total Arma 3 hours: 3,256
  5. What Is Your Current Arma 3 Level of Experience: Veteran
  6. Recommendation from existing Admin (if applicable): Moon
  7. Reason for applying: I want to help the Nak community. From the new guys joining for the first time to others that have been around for years. I want to help Nak grow as a community and perhaps one day revive the unique experience that was NakTac. I hope I can help out wither servers stuff and keeping the show running as others have done before me and to pay forwards some of the behind the scenes magic that brings a community together.
  8. List any real-world experience or skills that you feel would contribute to the NAK community: I have been an admin for two 200+ gaming communities before as well as other smaller ones.
  9. Estimated Activity (How active will you be as an Admin.): 15+ hours a week.
  10. Briefly list what you believe is involved in being an Admin on NAK servers: Remove hazards that break the fun for players, nurture a community so it may thrive and to have some laughs along the way.
  11. Provide any other information that might help us decide why you should be an Admin:

At present most of you know me as being fairly chill and I fully intend on staying that way if I were to become an admin. I will clamp down on things I find to be harmful though I don’t expect the need to enforce it often. A big part of why I want to become an admin is to bring about, if only in part, NakTac. I have seen communities crumble and split before and it’s something I really want to avoid here. But if we can continue to breathe new life here with new blood I’m sure we can continue for the years to come. Another seemingly minor thing I want to help with is just giving people basic tags in ts3. With it being a barrier to entry for Zeus/Pilots making it any smoother is a big plus in my book. At times I may not have the best memory and can be slow to learn, but I do want to try as an admin in taking on some of the roles currently shouldered by others. As a side note I do have chronic issues with fatigue and cant guarantee to be available at specific times though with time zones has been largely a non issue. I’m at home nearly 24/7 so I’m hoping to find some small degree of fulfilment in this role.

Big +1 from me. Always easy and good fun to play with. Will make an excellent admin.


God damn… I really pushed you with that comment. I am glad you are applying, not gonna lie tho it took me by surprise.

+1 from my end, really helpful player, well known by the community.



+1. Consistent positive presence on the server.

And not really adding to the +1, but worth noting: he’s frequently on at hours when existing admins have called it a night.

yes +1

+1, Good experience

TEXN here,

Good man; +1


+1 Always a pleasure to play with

+1 Great attitude, cool head, fun and fair. Plus Fox needs another Australian he can relate with, the guy seems pretty lonely

+1 for me. Super is a staple in our community, and a great person to continue to have on our servers as an admin. On a side note he covers strange hours which is good for the server too.


application denied at this time because of a ban on your record. please reapply in 90 days 11/20/2021. thank you for you application and hope you continue to play and help grow NAK community. You can contact rollacanda if you have any questions.