My 5 Zeus golden rules

Decided to make a neat little post regarding the Zeus role more or less as a guide to how Zeus should behave.

Here is are my 5 Zeus golden rules that should never be broken under any circumstances.
1- Zeus = Game Master
Your role is to create a scenario, an environment and perhaps even a story for players to enjoy and explore, you are not there to oppose them but rather to enhance their experience. Direct intervention should be minimal and limited only to necessity at all time.

2- PvP
If a player does not desire to take part in a PvP operation, you may not force it upon them. However they may also want to consider not taking part in the operation at all. The moment PvP is involved in any shape or form, the operation may be considered PvP even if its limited so if you wish to interact with players as some sort of opposing force do so very moderately and in a productive and constructive way that enhances the scenario, not to deliberately kill them as this is not your goal what-so-ever.

3- Overwhelming force
Never use overwhelming force directly. If you must communicate to your players that they should move or fall back due to enemy strength simply tell them so and give them a window for them do the action. Nobody can be on the move when there is a tank right behind them shooting at them or bombs falling on their very positions.

4- Proper assets for the proper job
Be considerate with which assets to use and when. Vehicles in ArmA are powerful. If nobody has means to deal with enemy tanks or helicopters and they are present, make it possible for the players to acquire means to deal with the threat or safely evade. One way is always more fun than the another but generally it’s better to have one of these two choices than none.

5- Player perspective
As Zeus it’s very easy to stay in the sky and watch everything but it is a whole different thing to experience what the players are experiencing on the ground. Using the Hide Zeus module and throwing myself next to players to see exactly what they see is something i do all the time and constantly because it gives me a better idea of what their experience is like. Zooming in from the Zeus interface often gives you a far more limiting perspective than being there directly. This is because the Zeus interface shows you everything there is to know and first-person and third-person views are not the same as camera view quite simply put.

These were my 5 golden rules for Zeusing but naturally there are many more rules that a Zeus should try to follow ~ :wink:

Awesome guidelines, and I wholeheartedly agree with the first point. Zueses are gamemasters to provide fun to the players first and foremost. Use creativity and make something your friends in NAK will enjoy. Fancy yourself as the DM of arma and make a story or a circumstance that will test the players and be a blast.