NAK approved version of Complementary Special Pistols

Due to popular request, NAK Squad has published a modified version of Complementary Special Pistols that meets the needs of our restrictions.

NAK Special Pistols
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This mod includes
Weapons :
CornerShot System 9x19mm
Includes CornerShot 9x19mm Silencer
You can toggle the angle with the “Page UP” and “Page DOWN” button, or customize the button with CBA

Smith & Wesson Model 500 12.7×41mm Magnum Revolver
A big-bore Revolver (.50 Magnum)

IMI Desert Eagle 12.7×33mm Action Express Pistol
A big-bore Pistol (.50 AE)

FN Five-seveN USG 5.7x28mm Pistol
Modular Accessories
Including balistic shield. Shield is located is in the “Pistol Accessories — UnderBarrelSlot” , and it can resist: 5.56×45mm; 7.62×51mm; 9mm Parabellum; .45 ACP; .338; .408; .50 BMG FMJ; and .50 BMG SLAP

Accessories :
FN57 5.7x28mm Silencer 1
FN57 5.7x28mm Silencer 2
FN57 5.7x28mm Silencer 3
FN57 Laser RED 1
FN57 Laser GREEN 1
FN57 FN57 Flashlight Normal 1
FN57 Flashlight Glare 1
FN57 Laser IR 1
FN57 Flashlight Normal 2
FN57 Flashlight Glare 2
FN57 Laser RED 2
FN57 Laser GREEN 2
FN57 Laser IR 2
FN57 Shield
FN57 Shield Police
FN57 Barska Optic

Required Mod:
CBA A3 :
[u]Steam Workshop::CBA_A3

Some of the Kickass functions and the taser have been removed to make it compatible with NAK Script Restrictions.