NAK Elite Special Vehicles?

Hello, I`ve read that as NAK Elite there are special vehicles that can be used… What are said vehicles?

Sadly there are no NAK Elite special verhicles.

Just to clarify: As NAK Elite, you are able to fly without being in a pilot slot and are not required to be on teamspeak. Make sure you either have the NAK Elite unit displayed, or add [NAK ELITE] behind your name.

Please note that at no point will you receive any in-game money, experience, weapons, vehicles, or other items to give you an advantage over other players.

Ah ok it was just this bit in the email that i received. “this will allow you to entered restricted vehicles”.

That is correct. Helicopters and planes restrict who can pilot them. Only players in a pilot slot or NAK ELITE are able to hop into a pilot seat.

Thankyou for the clarification, much appreciated.