NAK Elite Woes

Report on my latest attempts to tame the NAKElite woes:

Entered the given XML string into the badges section of Arma as instructed. No changes manifested. Tried switching out my persona name with my account name, just for grins. Still no changes. Each time I rebooted Steam and Arma afterwards before testing. My player name still never showed with the NAK Elite suffix.

Next tried port forwarding in my modem, using the two UDP ranges specified. My modem is a now rather aged NetGear model whose software interface has no “Port Forwarding” section. I made changes in the “Firewall Rules” and “Services” sections, which seen to be the only options. I opened the UDP port ranges in both the incomong and outgoing sections, as I wasn’t sure which single option would be correct.

Final result was NO CHANGE in the NAKElite displays. My network wasn’t fouled up in any way so I assumed that my choices were, at least, unharmful, if ineffective.

With the XML file you will not see anything listed in the units. But it will add the unit to the specific profile. - you can follow these step the first 13 sec are not for our site use the URI that I provided to you.

Yes, I understood that, and when testing the XML file I just booted into a fresh opening od Steam and Arma to see if my log-in showed the [NAK Elite] suffix after my player name. Never happened after several tries

This is the string I used:

NAK Eliteadmin@naksquad.net ElitewmetcalfN/AN/AN/A

Just noticed all the “email” entries. Should I have substituted an email address for the boilerplate?

That is not correct follow the video and use this as the XML line:

You do not want to be creating a new squad.xml. I still do not know what forum post you are following, but if you follow the video and use the line provided it will work.

you may not see NAK Elite in the lobby, you need to enter the server all the way.

Issue resolved! This string works. Thanks Vile.