NAK Liberation

Me and like 6 guys were playing the liberation server last night, and I gotta say, we had a blast of a time.
We were all talking and I think it would be awesome if we did a tactical Tuesday event on that server.
We very much enjoyed working as a team to get a foothold on the island, running logistics, securing supplies, and building FOB’s.
I’de love to see liberation with more people on it.
Just wanna say you guys did an excellent job on it!
Thanks bunches! <3

Personly I find it a cool idea. But…,

Tactical Tuesday has an idea behind it and if this does not follow it I don’t see this coming to life.
It also needs some preparation time to coordinate all the players that show up for it.
But after all the call is back to the person running Tactical Tuesday.

To be honest, I do think the server is going to really take off. It hasn’t been a day an we have already a steady ammount of players, and an impresive foothold on the island and logistics. There is ALOT of things in my opinion they can change, compared to many liberation severs I’ve played on the past. I do have a lot of ideas to implement on the server, but I don’t know if Vile created the server this way specifically designed for Tactical Tuesdays or he is just testing the server meanwhile.

Here is a picture of what we have acomplished in less than 24 hours and more than half of our players didn’t knew what they were getting into. Still that didn’t stoped them and they adapted to a new play style and the really LOVE it.

only played a couple of hours and it feels way more fun than I&A, less of the ‘go here, kill guys, respawn’ mindset and more of the ‘go here, clear town, secure crates and heal civvies, use enemy vics to evac’ mindset. :slight_smile: maybe try it on a larger map at a later date if it proves really popular?

to update: as of midnight GMT, we had secured La Pasagne (aka Lasagna) and were assaulting Le Port.

So as I was saying earlier it’s been 24 hours since the server started, and the reception of it it’s been amazing. We constantly have 15-20 people online (Picture annexed).

In 24 hours we’ve come with a list of Feedback to implement into the server, I’ve talked to Claws about some ideas and this are some of which we spoke about and many others that came after we were playing

-Decrease activation zones radius
-Link pilot slots with flying perms
-Commander, Admins, and trustworthy players will be assigned build, and recycle permissions
-UAV only usable by UAV operator.
-Reduce timer on Mobile spawns (or eliminate timer)

  • Create an Operations base with editor on 105045 (Picture annexed) and put USS Freedom right next to it. (Battle plan annexed)
  • Spawn Operations base with, 3-4 Hummingbirds, Spartan01, 2 Unarmed Hunters, 1-2 Transport (Uncovered) HEMETT)
  • Earplugs
  • Team killing notice
  • Bleed out counter
  • Recoil (On/off) some players like it others don’t
    -Its own TS channel
    -Fix the Sling load (NAK sling)
    -More logistics pilots
    -Make videos on Logistics (Lots of people get confused, I can help with that)
  • Artillery Computer to a role
    -Shooting Range.
    -Punishment for killing civilians and destroying houses
    -Punishing Lone Wolfing
    -Zeus, remove enemy command and Zeus can’t see enemy on interface, be able to move empty objects such as: Vehicles, crates, wrecks, etc. Be able to place markers from the map.
    -Push Vehicles as in NAK Invade and Annex
    -Dynamic Load out (We haven’t test it yet so we don’t know if it works)
    -Be able to carry objects around the map just like in Invade and Annex.
    -Reduce Unit Cap
    -Commander slot crashes a lot.
    -DON’T use missiles and CAS on civil AOs
    -Lock RHS and other mods Vehicles from the building tab, (When you load the mods you are able to spawn them)
    -If possible (due to the proximity of the AOs in Malden Main Airport) let players place FOB inside the AO radius
    -Wasting server assets and resources can be a ban or a kick depend on the serious of the situation (server assets are crucial on this game mode)
  • Server restart countdown on chat (so all units can return to an FOB and nobody loses progress on vehicles.)

Feel free to post any other ideas that we didn’t include I think I missed some of which we were talking with the rest of the players.

If you have any questions about the game mode please feel free to ask, either here or in TS. I consider myself an experienced player on this game mode, so please go ahead and don’t be shy. If I am not able to help you I will direct, you to the right direction at least.


From my early observations, it looks like AI spawn when you get near the objectives which could cause some performance issues if we get randoms to join during Tac Tuesdays, this happened to all of us today(I believe the server FPS hit 18 at one point after we had people hitting multiple AO’s at once instead of joining the rest of us at one of the towns). They could lock the server during Tac Tuesday after groups are formed to prevent such an issue but I doubt command would want to do that considering it’s an Open Event.

All in all though I am very impressed and had a blast. I will definitely be playing / testing it out a lot more in the coming days/weeks.

The Liberation server seem to have really taken off in the first couple days. It has more players than malden invade and annex regularly.
If you implement half of the changes listed in this thread this server is going to be in amazing shape.

Additional information is currently available for people that want more information about Liberation -

More information will be posted to that page as we develop it. In regard to the changes mentioned below some will be made others will not.