Nak Mod list

i’ve been updating my Nak mod list but even after comparing my loaded mods and the allowed mods i’m still getting kicked from the server. I’ve attached my mod list and the nak mod list.
I would appreciate to know which mod is causing the issue.

Personal Mods.ods (19.9 KB)
Nak Mods.ods (24.1 KB)

You will need to, via a process of elimination, find the mod causing the issue. Load half of your mods and if you do not get the error load the other half. Continue splitting the mods in half until you identify the mod causing the issue.

There is a chance the author of an approved mod, updated the mod in a way that now triggers an exception, and in that case, once you find the mod let us know and we will review the mod again, and either create an exception or remove it from the approved list.

Adding to this, there are a few mods that you either do not need on our server or mods that are included in other mods.

You do not need
GC’s No Recoil, No Weapon Sway - This is built into the server ESC - Player Menu - Settings
MLO Vests and Helmets - Part of MLO All in One
WMO - Walkable Moving Objects - Included in Enhanced Movement

I am scanning the mods for the function that is failing, unfortunately, I have over 500gb of mods, so I expect the scan to take some time.

Hi Vile,
i tried the elimination method before you posted and i found out that the Swedish Army Mod is causing problems.
Thanks for the information on the other mods.


I added an exception for the Swedish Army Mod for now. You can use it for now but I will need to re-evaluate the mod, it does have some questionable code.