NAK Squad draw application

I`ve put my application in for a draw entry to become NAK, now under the old site i put my details in and the pop up dissapeared, then when 24 hours had expired it would re-appear, on the new site i put my details in and the box dissapeared, then re-appeared straight away but with no message saying received etc? can anyone help please?

I do not know what the issue is. I will be taking the form down until I can get it working. $ players have submitted entries that will be kept. The drawing will run for the full time once the form is fixed.

In order to get the NAK Elite giveaway working quickly I had to change the way it works. At the top of the home page is a link to the giveaway form. Players will have to do their best to submit one entry every 24 hours. If the player submits the entry a few minutes early they will not be punished.

Sorry to cause a pain.