Nak squad server standards

Hi all

I take no pleasure in writing this, but after having been away from the server for a few months, I am shocked by the deterioration in standards. A large part of the attraction of the Nak server ( for me at least ) was the knowledge that there were certain rules and regulations to be adhered to. If players strayed, admins were there to offer strict but fair guidance/penalties to bring people back into line. That does not seem to be the case anymore. Instead of being a server for tactical, team based play, the zuess server seems to have become a free for all where anything goes and rules do not apply. In my short time on the Altis server, I have witnessed vehicles being driven into aircraft, downright childish swearing and arguments on TS and multiple TK’s.
As players we have an amazing asset in the Nak servers. There are not many (if any) like them. I know we have many amazing players, zuesses and admins , and this is not an admonishment of any of them ( you know who you are!).We need to bring back the high standards we once had before we lose a great source of friendship, comradery and fun we all enjoy.


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as to the feedback itself:
we appreciate the feedback and it saddens me reading it. I will try to be online more whenever I have the chance to cover more.

you guys as players, on the other hand, should also report names and issues and what is happening to the admins, even after the fact, so we can take action and prevent it from being a normal thing. Even if it’s a player that has 1400h+ on our servers. I get that friends can get comfortable with each other can will start joking around, having fun. fun is good and important. but lines have to stay in place to keep this fun from going overboard.
NAK is a good place not because the admins are doing a good job. It’s because of how players and admins work together to make it and keep it a place that we can join and enjoy playing.


Hi Merlinsrevenge,
I have played a few rounds with you in the past, but haven’t seen much of you for a while. Although I cannot speak for the Zeus server, and I can somewhat agree with your statement about the Teamspeak environment, I have to say that I disagree with your assessment of the NAK1 Altis server, if your statement "If players strayed, admins were there to offer strict but fair guidance/penalties to bring people back into line. That does not seem to be the case anymore. " is about the NAK 1 Altis server in particular.
There are times of the day where there are in fact many admins playing there, and I can assure you that the rules are enforced and order is maintained. As Volcano mentioned, it really does have a lot to do with reports by players in the server, to the admins, it’s crucial to maintain order, as I’m sure you know. I can attest to the fact that when a message to an admin is put in the chat, with the message started with the word “admin”, there is always an admin around to help with the problem.
So, I guess what I’m saying is, in my opinion, the server’s standards, since I have been playing here, remain unchanged overall, and the NAK environment is affected by the player base in it, at any particular time. When the player base has few NAK members playing, there may be a delay in admins finding out about a particular problem, but action is swift when alerted. There will always be trolls, looking to do what trolls do, but when there are NAK members and admins around, it’s a different story… and the admin team is pretty strong in my opinion.


Server used to be my favorite place to play, now I get team-killed intentionally more than I even get to fly rotary. Seems admins no longer pay attention to the Altis server and no longer enforce the rules, as this has occurred on 3 separate occasions in just the last week. My sessions on this server are plagued by people not following server rules and no one is around to care anymore.

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now to your feedback about your issues with the Altis server:
After looking into your logs, I can see you are playing on Altis when it’s full on its prime time. So you are playing on a public server on its full time and as a result, there will be some players that get carried away.
Also from looking at your record, for the past 3 months, you never reported something to an admin in the chat, which, at least from my point of view, means you had zero problems.
So you can not complain about us not paying attention to something not happening. we do check logs on the backside too but we rely a lot upon players reporting the TK’ing.

Again, this goes back to players not doing anything from their side and expect the admins to be online 24/7 and do everything perfectly.
We may not be in-game online but we have admins online in Teamspeak almost always covering all day times. if you type the word “admin” and a message with it, it will ping every admin. some of us even have it on our phones. so we will, almost always, see it and take action on it. Even when the bad guy leaves the server, we still give him a ban and he will not just get away with it.

I’d have to agree with the general sentiment, although I spend most of my time on the Tanoa server. It is a regular occurrence to see people flying transport helos (usually like idiots) without being in the teamspeak channel. All kinds of foul language has gotten pretty common. A week or so ago there was a nasty spat between a couple of guys that got way out of hand. I was not aware that we should be reporting specific instances to admins in teamspeak though and will start doing that.

When the right people are on the server it’s awesome. There is a core-ish group of maybe 15-20 regulars that play there all the time, but lots of randos drop in and seem blissfully (or willfully) unaware that there are any rules at all, even when they’re plastered right on the map like the pilot/teamspeak rule.