NAK Tac needs help!!!

:idea: the truth is we need stability and maybe a couple more players.

the more players part is true, but what do you mean with stability?

I like to think we are at a cross roads in which we can choose between the several options Vileace gave us, or possibly come up with an even better idea driven by the playerbase. Changing the time, Changing the openness (allowing more new players to join, being guided by the senior players) or changing the concept are some of the options. There are loads of possibilities which can be worked out.

The timezone is quite a heavy influence for the players from europe…

I agree. The time change helped to get EU players on, but also, as Vile stated before, makes it early for East coast people. Players being older and having family obligations, the time to be able to play is their local late evening thus making a small window for people to play. Maybe openness is the way to get more players like Wave proposed?

At Volcano: I understood it as same people showing up every time

I’ve wanted to get involved in an event for a few weeks now, but life always gets in the way.

So – excuse my ignorance if this has been made clear elsewhere already. Does the outcome of one event change how the following one will run? Are they connected at all in that fashion, or are they just separate events, out there on their own, whose outcomes don’t affect any other events.


The way we are doing it ar the moment has a storyline to it, which you can follow up in this post:
and to answer your question, yes and no. at the moment the players are not choosing what next step they want to do. they are given a mission and they always finish it. but what I have been doing with the Vietnam missions is if they don’t find an intel somewhere, they will not know exactly where/what next thing coming is. if they do, they get more information for the mission. before they start.

I have talked to Vile before the Vietnam missions about something like the players doing the mission and depending on what exactly they do, changes happen in the next one, also for the players to choose what next weeks mission/location can be. it’s not hard to do. mainly it means that we as Zeus have to plan all the possible missions on this map and put a campaign to it with a nice scenario and then publish a map with missions on it to the players.

the problem that will happen is we then need someone to select what the next mission can be, a commander for example.
the next problem is if we select a commander role to select the next mission, one person is not guaranteed to be in for each week. so different people will select each week which will lead to players not agreeing on a move the other commander did the other week and etc.

I have this in my mind when i plan something new for NAKTac but for now we have a problem of the players number that attend the missions which is escorting any other time/idea investments that we are thinking of at the moment.

I think we shout be doing more tactical tuesday (on another day of curse) that will atract more victims for vile… Kof!!! kof!!! i mean, PLAAAAYER! thats what i tried to say.