NAK Tac Setup Map

NAK Tac Setup Map

This mission is intended to play on a local computer in single player. This mission has the arsenal that we will be using during our NAK Tac missions. You can spend as much time as you need creating your NAK Tac loadouts. On this map you will also find the firing range and grenade range so you can test your weapons.

The teleport to the firing range and back to base do work. If you play in single player you should be able to open the map hold ALT and click anywhere to Teleport.

You can enter Zeus mode with the “Y” key (default binding). While in Zeus mode you can place vehicles to test and enemies to shoot.

Amazing file!
Thank you. I’m sure that a lot of people and my self will be using it

Great job Vile - Was able to get a good loadout setup without wasting game time playing barbie dressup! Though I could only get one of the rangefinders to actually range?

If you are using the Vector 21 - you will want to look at this -