NAK Tac Volunteer Hours

Any NAK Tac player that needs a task to in order to fulfill their volunteer hours to rank up. I have a couple tasks that needs to be completed. The tasks are not difficult, just time consuming, so now is the perfect time to complete your volunteer hours.

As a reminder to obtain the rank of Master Sergeant you need to complete 10 volunteer hours and to obtain Sergeant Major you need to complete 25 volunteer hours.

You may begin completing volunteer hours at any rank. Any volunteer hours completed will be recorded and applied once the other requirements for the rank are met. For example as a Sergeant you may complete volunteer hours now and they will be saved until needed for a rank promotion to Master Sergeant.

Hey Vile,
you know where to find me. shot me a message whenever you want to!

does keeping the plebians in line during early morning hours count instead of playing? :slight_smile:

I should have plenty of free time before I start my new job. Let me know if I can help.

I don’t think so Sycholic but A+ for the effort :laughing:

If you still need help, I have some free time.