NAK Zeus Special Event #16

You asked for it, you got it! After a long wait, NAK Squad is proud to announce Zeus Special Event #16 in conjunction with this month’s

NAK Ops Tactical

This Event will have a small list of approved mods and a small list of Optional Mods
and will start on Friday the 26th at 6 PM EST.

The player will have to load the following list:

The Player is free to load any or none of the mods from the following list:

anything else is not allowed.

The Zeus Operator has to load the Required Mods and our Zeus mods, anything else is not allowed:

Welcome to NAK Ops Tactical

Sweet! Looking forward to checking out this new map!


There is a mod that I think would go well as an addition to the event, as well as compliment the dead zone module you, Volcano, have been working on.

Its a modpack containing some wasteland themed uniforms, but mostly gas masks. The mod would allow people to use cool gas masks, especially with, or even without the deadzone module, as well as give the zeuses to expand the types of scenarios in their arsenal.