Neophron and Buzzard guide needed

Hello. I am usually flying those two aircrafts, but I lack at details about them regarding hud data explanation, how to lock, how to deploy specific weapons so I cam here to ask for help.
I was googling for some time but without any luck. So if you know good guide video, or you think you can help me in game, please do. As I do fly DCS I know all basics about flying but Arma 3 weapon systems are different than DCS and I wanna map my Hotas properly and learn how to apply weapons efficiently in cas situations.

Ow yea. I would apreciate if you can share nice mission for target practise for planes :slight_smile:


Here are some sources that might help you.

Statistical data and description of those aircraft on ARMA 3 wiki:

To-199 Neophron | Armed Assault Wiki | Fandom

A-143 Buzzard | Armed Assault Wiki | Fandom

quick video tutorial on startup, take off and landing:

Good STEAM guide on ARMA 3 vehicles. Includes a lot of info on procedures of how to lock targets and effectively use vehicles in game. Helpful read- includes default ARMA key strokes for actions whick might help you to map your HOTAS to your liking.

<LINK_TEXT text=“Steam Community :: Steam Workshop … =606862490”>Steam Community :: Guide :: How to fly in Arma 3</LINK_TEXT>

Reddit thread that explains the elements of HUD symbology (Currently there are only Jet DLC planes with a plan to do all the vehicles in ARMA so keep an eye in the future)

<LINK_TEXT text=“comments : arma … symbology/”>Reddit - Dive into anything</LINK_TEXT>

Overview of fixed wing weapon systems available in game:

<LINK_TEXT text=“viewtopic.php?f=56&t=1101”>;t=1101</LINK_TEXT>

EDIT: For the practice missions, Im sure more active flyers will give their preferences. You can always go to ARMA3 Editor, put yourself on the airfield in one of the planes, arm it and put some enemy armour on the map to engage for basic practice.

Hope this helps you!

Before anything I’d advise you to ask whenever you’re ingame, as it’s quite easier, usually in the Teamspeak with you there will be enough people who will guide you through the process.
In arma 3, I would say that flying is easy to learn but hard to master. You have to remember a couple of things and you’re good to go. However, if you wanna be efficient, I would advise at first learning the different types of munitions. With time you’ll get used to a specific loadout which you’ll enjoy, and will set it each time, without even thinking, but, to begin this will be quite useful for you.

Then the keyboard/Hontas controls. I would advise downloading a mod which someone suggested to me quite a while ago. Essentially, flaps and vectoring on buttons rather then the scrollwheel menus.
Steam Workshop::VTOL & Flaps Controls Mod it’s an allowed mod and helps out quite a bit.

Now here comes the interesting part. Arma 3 targetting.

An important part which will make your task much easier, and will make bombs pretty much impossible to miss is the targeting camera. You aim it at whatever target you want to destroy, and use LCTRL + T (Default keys) to lock onto any part, it can be a moving vehicle, or simply the ground, it will track a moving vehicle as well.

From there, you can use your laser designator which you’ve got on your aircraft, and there you go, you’re self designating targets for your own laser guided munitions.

Now comes the second part of this, effective evasive maneuvers. Arma 3 has a very interesting way of interacting with the rockets… Things which shouldn’t work, are quite effective, and on the other hand, the more realistic and logical approach tends to fail. For example, the AI jets use AMRAAMs, which are radar guided. Yet, flares are quite effective against them. (In real life, flares wouldn’t really matter, as it locks onto your radar signature, not your heat) But ignoring all of that, the easiest way to dodge an enemy AA missile is, flare off at quite some distance, then, make sure to both loose altitude, and gain airspeed, getting as far away as you can from your own flares.

Basically, spam your C (Or whatever key you want to map out) for a few bursts, (I would say 3 is enough) and then stop flaring, try to get distance, loose altitude, and change your heading. (Easily done in a shikra, much harder in a Wipeout, as you’ll bleed too much speed and will end up getting hit) The balance of those three is enough to dodge…

The rest should be up to your own experience… Once you get used to it, you’ll see how easy it gets once you’ve done it a couple of times.

Awesome, now if someone have by any chance nice A/G targeting map based on Altis I would apreciate it. :smiley:

What specifically do you mean by A/G targeting map. I have some very high resolution arma maps and there are many online resources.

This is one source
One mod that you might want to look into is Athena Steam Workshop::Athena - An Arma 2nd Screen Application. It allows a real time map on a second screen.
Attached is a high Rez map of Altis I have many other maps. There are specific instructions to export any Arma 3 map into a high res image from the editor. By default it creates EMF files but the is an EMFtoPNG converter specifically for this procedure. The attached image was created with this procedure. It is a large 25mb image,