New altis server reset?

Hi guys , little question here and i didnt know where to post it… Since the switch of the new server for Altis , i’ve lost all my stats ( exp , total kill , player menu money ) its all back to Zero , but my friend didnt lost everything like me but like 75% of everything he had before… The question is : Is everyone lost their stats too? is it a old save backup server??

Tried contacting you in-game. We’ll look into the issue soon.


Is it been fix? Cause i didnt get my stat ,exp and money back :frowning:

I don’t believe so, we’re still looking into some issues with the transfer.

thanks for the answere KC , i hope you guys find the issue :slight_smile:

No need to worry, we have your data from the 30th. No progress should be lost, but I’m unsure when it will be fixed. Could be tonight, tomorrow, etc. Hopefully soon :+1:

So , if i play today , will my stats will be add to my data from the 30th october or i will lost my progression after the 30 october when my old data base will be back? ( sry for my poor english xD)


The database issue has been fixed. Let me know if there’s any more issues.