New Fast Roping system

for those of you who might be interested, between Sunday and Monday 14 of august fast roping was re-implemented on the nak server (figured it out on Monday). i tested out all the helicopter and a will list all those where fast rope work and how it works.

How it works: helicopter must be below 10km/h (ideal in stable hover) and must be between 15m to 25m(if this two requirements are not meet, the option will not appear on the scroll menu). pilots trigger the fast rope on the scroll will option ( found at the very bottom of the menu) once rope fully deploy (wait for them to hit the ground) passenger will get the option to fast rope on the scroll wheel menu.

NOTE: IF ROPE HAVE NOT HIT THE FLOOR AND PASSENGER TRIGGER FAST ROPE HE WILL FALL TO HIS DEATH/INCAPACITATED (apparently the ropes do not exist until they touch the ground, have one instance of this happening… to me)

Next is a list of helicopters where fast roping works.

Transport Helicopter where fast rope works:

  • Ghosthawk(black)

  • Huron (unarmmed)

  • hummingbird

  • Hellcat(all models)

  • Orca (all models)

  • mowhawk

List of helicopter/ transport where fast roping those not work:

  • Ghosthawk(tropic)

  • Blackfish VTOL(not a helicopter but is classed as transport)

  • Y-32 Xian VTOL (not a helicopter but is classed as transport)

Unknown if fast roping works: (do to rare/ limited to no spawn in nak servers)

  • Ghosthawk(Arid)

  • taru(all models)

  • Kajman

If any one discovers any bugs or features or test out the other helicopters you are free to add that info here and update as needed

Roderic_Romulez aka. Frogman

Thanks for the update frogman, happy to see this one back. Cheers to the admins working on this for everyone!

This is a really helpful guide. I’m usually a transport pilot and it’s nice to see new features being implemented into this role.

Happy to help you with the Orca testing

Dolphin 1 Out