New Maps Onward 2022

Here is a fairly interesting list of maps that could very well make it to the Zeus server ~
NOTE: I STRONGLY encourage to check out maps of interest to see for yourself if the quality is acceptable or not o7

Name: Pulau
Setting: Pacific Archipelago
Asset Type: Vanilla - Apex (Apex DLC not needed)
Terrain Size: 12x12km (Cell size: 3)
Map File Size: 396.7MB
Features: Secret caves, seaside views, many small islets ~

Name: Bozcaada
Setting: Arid Island - Turkey
Asset Type: Vanilla
Terrain Size: 20x20km (Cell size: N/A)
Map File Size: 171.6MB
Features: Large open fields, Large coastal city ~

Name: Vinjesvingen
Setting: Northern Europe - Scandinavia
Asset Type: Vanilla - Livonia
Terrain Size: 6x6km (Cell size: 3)
Map File Size: 180.1MB
Features: Huge in-land area with tons of mountains, No urban center, Abandoned locations, Single large airfield ~

Name: Ihantala
Setting: Forest & Swamp Wilderness - Livonia
Asset Type: Vanilla - Livonia
Terrain Size: 4x4km (Cell Size: 2)
Map File Size: 142.1MB
Features: Relatively small map, Heavily forested, Confusing terrain with no major landmarks

So, just from looking at the maps, yes I agree they would be great for Zeus. However, I only feel as if one or two will make it. But that’s based on Moon, CopOut, and The rest of Divisional. Personally, I really like the last map, it can be used for quite a few things, mainly a horror map setting. Same for Scandinavia, it can also be used pretty well for horror, beach landing, and some real forestry fighting. I think these are some great ideas for additional maps.


I think using the cup’s maps would be a pretty good idea or bring in lingor island.

the nice thing with cups is theres chenarus 2035 which i think would be a good map.

Ok if i can make a point, adding cup maps, adds about 8GB to the required mod list, with just the basic set of them, not including maps 2.0 or other required mods for them to work, combability and such, extra maps adds more.

Yup which is exactly why i swooped around the workshop to find all dependency-free maps and further filtered them down to maps that would justify additional downloads

I just want to point out to anyone for future comments: these maps have been selected specifically for being of potentially acceptable quality and small in size (using vanilla assets)

The idea of this map list is to have a more permanent solution to the map diversity issue and lack of variety in terms of terrain currently offered by the server (Tembelan Island is great but is also becoming repetitive and redundant as we have been overusing it ever since it was put on the server)


Here is another good one

Another Few for ya


12km x 12km

+1 if i could add it my list i would o7

300 MB

1st of all, thank you for actually posting suggestions in the forum, this list is being taken into consideration for the next map on zeus, which might come in a week or two.