New mobile water base, USS Liberty.

Is it possible that we can get a new spawn point that follows the main AO?

So my idea was that the Destroyer follows the AO being close enough to be able to get quck transport there and back for rearm.

vehicle spawns
helicopter spawn (Hellcat) & (Ghosthawk)

boat spawns (Assault boat) & (Attack boat)

Submarine spawn

Bobcat spawn (Driveable, so it can stay in hanger)

Cheeter SPAA ( this will provide manual air cover instead of having a constant C-RAM system so it won’t affect the air space constantly. This will need to be driven out the hanger to be used.)

Boat docking. (In statics objects part of the jet DLC is docking rails to get a boat quickly on the ship instead of the ladder.)

We’ll look into it.