Starting today we are opening the ranks above Sergent to all players. Below are the requirements for each rank. 3 minutes after connecting to the server you will receive a message indicating the rank you may qualify for. Master Sergeant and Sergeant Major require achievements beyond hours alone. You may meet the hour requirements but not the additional requirements. If you have any question connect to our TeamSpeak server and ask an admin.
You can check your hours, using the same tool the admins. Go to the BattleMetrics website, select “players”. Enter your in-game name in the correct field and click search. Locate and click on your profile. There may be more than one profile listed for your name. Your BattleMetrics profile page will show all servers that you have connected to, find the NAK Squad servers and add up the hours.

  • Private (PVT): Assigned upon joining - 20 Hours
  • Private First Class (PFC): Assigned between 21-40 Hours
  • Specialist (SPC): Assigned between 41-60 Hours
  • Corporal (CPL): Assigned between 61-80 Hours
  • Sergeant (SGT): Assigned between 81 - 160 Hours
  • Staff Sergeant (SSGT): Assigned between 161 - 320 Hours
  • Sergeant First Class (SFC): Assigned between 321 - 560 Hours
  • Master Sergeant (MSGT): Assigned between 561 - 960 Hours and Bug Hunter, War Correspondent, Zeus, NAK Tac, NAK Elite, Player of the Month or NAK Tac Player of the Month tags
  • Sergeant Major (SGM): Assigned between 961 Hours and NAK Elite, Player of the Month or NAK Tac Player of the Month tags

are these rank automatically being swapped over or should we tell an admin?

We are trying to set players ranks as we see then join the server. It is not automatic, but we are getting most players as they join TeamSpeak and are on a server. If your rank does not get changed within 10 min of joining, go ahead and mention it to any admin in your channel or join the help room, and an admin, if one is online, will join you.